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Happy Kodee

Facilitates sharing UIs across iOS, Android, Desktop, and Web using a declarative framework. Provides high-performance UI rendering, native APIs access, and desktop-specific extensions. Includes libraries for web UI creation.

Flexible and comprehensive testing tool offering a variety of testing styles, assertions, and integrations for seamless test creation and management. Includes extensive community support and resources for quick onboarding.

Generates models from GraphQL queries, executes queries/mutations, and returns results as type-safe models. Features include query batching, HTTP and normalized caches, custom scalars, and file uploads.

A test framework facilitating behavior-driven development with a clear, structured syntax. Actively developed in version 2.x, with version 1.x maintained for bug fixes and documentation.

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Happy Kodee

Enables automatic exception handling and user-friendly error presentation with customizable strategies like alerts, toasts, and snackbars. Supports mapping exceptions to error objects for consistent error display.

Lightweight logging library with a simple API, supporting multiple platforms. Facilitates easy logging setup, multi-level logging, and seamless integration with platform-specific frontends.

Generates blocking bridges for calling suspend functions from Java, simplifying integration. Automatically creates non-suspend bridge functions, ensuring minimal effort and high stability for production use.

Eliminates boilerplate code for sending analytics to multiple destinations using generated events from interface methods. Supports adapter skipping, parameter converters, and multimodule projects.

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Happy Kodee

Flexible API enables building custom design systems with unique design tokens and properties. Offers default colors, text styles, shapes, and easy theming. Supports extending properties and debugging capabilities.

Creates a realistic, visually appealing switch inspired by a popular meme, featuring light and shadow effects, and written entirely with Compose Multiplatform.

Pure Kotlin implementation of a generic CLI parser.

A Kotlin Multiplatform kotlinx.serialization library for working with JSON:API