Klibs.io Alpha


Simplifies accessing, storing, and processing data by enhancing `java.io` and `java.nio` capabilities. Originated from OkHttp, ensuring robust performance for various data handling needs.

Manages and processes Protocol Buffers schemas, facilitating efficient schema handling and API documentation.

API for generating `.kt` source files, streamlining the creation of Kotlin code programmatically. Facilitates clean, efficient code generation with a focus on ease of use and flexibility.

Framework facilitates unidirectional data flow and state machine-based business logic for building scalable, composable applications with synchronized UI frameworks and robust testing capabilities.

Enhances Gradle projects with dynamic web reports for static analysis, revealing module dependencies and dependents. Supports custom analysis plugins and continuous updates via GitHub Actions.

API to support ICU string normalization for OkHttp across different platforms, leveraging native implementations. Integrates via Git Submodules and requires Git LFS for development.